RECRUITMENT- Restore our team !

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RECRUITMENT- Restore our team !

Post  Keto on Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:33 pm


Once again I'am trying to restore this project.
I spend too much time on it to leave DVD's with wok files in my basement, just like that.
Unfortunately my team mates gave up and I need some hands.

There are few things I'am unable to do by myself.

Most important :
- High C++ and Assembler x86 programming knowledge, reverse engineering skills.
- GTA SA: model collision file, mapping.

Less important, for those who wants to help :

- 3DSmax 2010 animations.
- 3DSmax 2010 textures/mapping.
- 2D graphic designer (banners, menu in game etc.)
- Sound artist - editing / improving quality / pulling clean sound from movie scenes.

This project also need to be recognizable to bring G-fans and people who can help in work- without it, It's dead. So feel free to share this topic on your godzilla fanpage's etc.

I will be grateful for any help, really.. AND if it will work- Ill give you results Wink

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